Group Events

Corporate Team Building

Have your corporate picnic or any other team building event at Mountain Whitewater

Our 5-Acre facility is great for your group.

A corporate group getting ready to team build on the Poudre.Book your rafting trip in Colorado with us, become a hero to your workforce and realize the goals of team building on a river.

Rafting is a sport that demands teamwork. The only way to successfully negotiate the rapids is with cooperation, listening, participation and anticipation. Sure there is a captain (guide) just like the manager in your office. The captain steers the boat while the paddlers (the staff) are the motor of the boat. Both serve vital roles within the team.

Whitewater rafting allows your group to have some fun while learning about each other and bond together as a cohesive team! Groups of 14 or more qualify for group pricing.


Our team building program focuses on five basic elements:

forming, storming, norming, performing, and transforming.

The "Wild & Scenic" Cache la Poudre RiverForming: This is the initial stage of the team building process where roles are assigned. A leader is established along with the body of the team. Various roles must be addressed, such as, a coach, a workhorse and support or safety adviser. Each group member assesses their strengths and weaknesses in order to be an effective team.

Storming: Short for brainstorming, formulating a plan can be a task in itself. During this process the leader will facilitate solving the problem by listening to the input of the group.

Norming: Now is the time to implement our plan and see where the kinks are going to happen. Creativity is a must during this process. A leader learns to rely on the different point of views in the group.

Performing: The GO stage. Like it or not you must execute your plan at this point. Making changes and variations can be the difference between a successful group and group failure. Maybe things aren’t as easy as they seem and leadership changes.

Transforming: This is the debriefing stage in which we evaluate our success. We can now see what worked and what didn’t and what we learned. We can identify the different processes the group underwent and how well different people did in their respective roles. This is a stage that can be catered to your specific group and be focused on personal goals and objectives.


More Team Building Elements

Here are some other team building elements we can set-up:

Element #1 Trust Fall
Objective: To build trust within the group
Explanation: Group members form a safety net using their arms and a little teamwork. Each person stands on a platform and falls backwards, eyes shut, into only the trust of each other. Variations can be used to accommodate the skeptical. Followed by a debriefing session.

Element #2 Inside-Out
Objective: To test how well group members will work as a team and follow directions
Explanation: Group members are placed inside a circle of rope and must pass under the rope to the other side. One problem, they cannot use any arms, shoulders, or hands! Frustration leads us to another debriefing session and our final element.

Element #3 Crossing the Amazon
Objective: Learning from our past experiences.
Explanation: Your group is taken to the MWD jungle and must complete a final test. The task is simple, cross the Piranha infested river before the restless natives arrive. Being exceptional runners, the feuding militants will arrive in 20 minutes and demand the heads of the loosing team. As a swimmer would be devoured before reaching the other side, each team must use what they have to reach the other shore. This is the most in-depth debriefing session where we learn who acts as like a captain and who would rather just be a deckhand along with the importance of working together

This is a sample line up of activities, custom activities can be tailored to your group.