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About the Owner

A little bit about the Modesitt family:

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost twenty years running rivers and about 22,000 miles running along, through and with those river currents. The Cache La Poudre has been home for most of those years and no backyard could be better. We have taken tens of thousands of guests and it always brings pleasure to see so much joy. The Cache La Poudre River as the only Wild and Scenic river in the state offers an unparalleled canyon. Having traveled to over 40 countries as an adventurer and photographer, I can speak easily about beautiful places. The Poudre River is spectacular.

In the beginning. . .

In 1993, Brad Modesitt and his brother Kent canoed down the Poudre, Platte, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers to end up 2400 miles later in New Orleans. This experience left both of them with a deep respect for our nation’s rivers. Kent started law school and is now an attorney in Denver. Brad continued his journey and the traveling lifestyle bicycling 10,000 miles and sailing 3000 miles to southern Chile. When he returned a friend told him he should become a rafting guide. It was good advice. Brad still guides rafts down the river he loves enjoying the people, the scenery, and of course the rapids.

Their Latest Adventure. . .

Follow the Modesitt family on the current sailing adventure at their Blog: Rivers2Seas.com


During his travels Brad learned what travelers need and want:

  • A fun trip with experienced and entertaining guides.
  • Professionalism means everything in every aspect of a business.
  • A job should be fun.
  • Work is only a four-letter word if you make it that way.
  • Lead by example.
  • Follow with respect and the desire to learn.
  • Life is fun – enjoy it everyday.

Brad has published three books on his adventures; Taking the Old Highway is about the canoe adventure from Fort Collins to New Orleans; Professionally Guiding Whitewater – Fundamentals of running rivers as a paid guide, can turn a novice river runner into a professional; Pura Vida is a photographic journey around the world with colorful short stories.

Taking the Old Highway - a canoe journey from Fort Collins to New OrleansProfessionally Guiding Whitewater - Fundamentals of running rivers as a paid guide