HALF DAY, FULL DAY & MULTIDAY Boat & Equipment Rentals

rental equipment raftingMountain Whitewater offers rentals of paddle sports equipment and camping equipment. We also offer over night and multiple day rafting equipment such as fire pans, groovers, frames, oars and more available by special request.

Here is a complete list of rental boats and equipment available:

All inflatable kayak, hard-shell kayak, canoe and raft rentals are full-day only and come with lifejacket, helmet, paddle, pump & spray jacket.

Boats Half-Day Full-Day Deposit Retail Value
One-Man Ducky n/a $45 $500 $1,200
Two-Man Ducky n/a $45 $500 $1,200
Stand-Up Paddle Boards n/a $45 $500 $1,000
Rafts (14 ft. rafts, 13 ft. possible request)
– 1st Day $150 $500 $5,000
– 2nd Day $70
Canoes (16′, 17′)
– 1st Day n/a $50 $500 $1,200
– 2nd Day $30
Rafting Apparel Half-Day Full-Day Deposit Retail Value
Booties n/a $5 $250 $45
Helmets n/a $5 $250 $50
Gloves n/a $1 $250 $15
PFD (Lifejacket) n/a $10 $250 $120
Wetsuit n/a $10 $250 $70
Splash Jackets n/a $10 $250 $40
Gear Package (Helmet, PFD, Splash Jacket) n/a $20 $250 $210
Paddles & Pumps 1st Day 2nd Day Deposit Retail Value
Kayak Paddles $5 $5 $250 $65
Raft Paddles $5 $5 $250 $35
Guide Paddles $10 $10 $250 $75
K-Pump $5 $1 $250 $75
Camping Equipment 1st Day 2nd Day Deposit Retail Value
Tent (2 person) $15 $3 $250 $250
Tent (3 person) $20 $4 $250 $290
Tent (4 person) $25 $5 $250 $320
Sleeping Bag (w/ liner) $16 $3 $250 $90
Sleeping Bag Liner Only $5 $1 $250 $25
Inflatable Sleeping Pad $10 $2 $250 $50
Camp Chair $5 $2 $250 $40


Rental Policies:

  • Equipment must be returned by 6:00 pm.
  • Full-day rentals run from 7am-6:00pm.
  • Late returns are subject to a $10/hr penalty.
  • We do not give refunds for early returns.
  • The RENTAL DEPOSIT you leave with us is partial security against loss or damage. Renter is responsible for the full retail value of the equipment rented. If damage exceeds the value of the deposit, the renter must pay the balance. Individual retail value listed above.
  • Any boat rental will have to authorize a $500 deposit on a credit card or debit car.
  • Non-boat rental items will require an authorization of a blanket deposit amount of $250.
  • Single items under $150 in value will only be required to leave a signed credit card imprint for the retail value of the rented item.
  • Multiple boat rentals or rental packages with retail value over $1000 will be required to make a deposit of $1000. Mountain Whitewater will not require any deposits over $1000, although renter agrees to pay the difference from the retail amount for any rental item not returned or returned damaged.
  • For rental rates, deposits, and retail values see the price list.
  • Renter agrees to pay the amount on their signed credit card imprint if the rented equipment is not returned or is returned in a damaged state.
  • There will be a $20 cleaning charge in the event that any equipment is returned dirty.
  • Any person renting equipment or using rental equipment will be required to sign an online waiver.


Reservation & Cancellation Policies: All rental items must be reserved prior to the rental date. All renters must complete all mandatory paperwork and sign an acknowledgment of risk waiver. Mountain Whitewater will do walk-in/same day rentals if the equipment is available. All rentals must be paid in full to be considered reserved. There will be no refund given to cancellations made within ten days of the rental date. Cancellations made prior to 14 days before the rental date will be given a 90% refund.

High-water Screening: During the high-water time of year (usually May & June), or any other time of the year, Mountain Whitewater will screen all renters and reserves the right to refuse any rentals based on water-levels, renters ability or any other reason prudent to the safety of the renters, Mountain Whitewater and its’ employees.

Car Racks: Canoe rental require the use of a car or trailer rack. The renter agrees that they are fully liable for any form of transport rack damage to their vehicle, other vehicles, the rack itself, the rented equipment, or any other property. Mountain Whitewater and its’ employees will not assist in loading and/or unloading of canoes.

Inflatable Rentals: All rental inflatable boats (including rafts and inflatable kayaks) will be deflated upon rental of the boat. Mountain Whitewater will not inflate rafts or inflatable kayaks for the renter. Renters are not permitted to transport a raft or inflatable kayak that is inflated unless they are properly secured to a trailer.