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Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in the Heart of the Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains!

Around 3 million visitors per year, RMNP is one of the most popular parks in the country!

Rocky Mountain National Park was established by Congress in 1915. With the help of the Parks Service, the land within RMNP remains natural and encompasses more than 415 Square miles of streams, rugged mountain, alpine tundra, and meadows. In addition to the landscape, the Park is also home to many species of wildlife. Elk, black bear, mountain lions, foxes and a host of others all build their homes and raise their young in this beautiful gem.

Aside from wildlife viewing, Rocky Mountain offers a multitude of other activities. Rafting near Estes Park, hiking, camping, and fishing are just a few of the ways to enjoy the scenic landscape. Trail Ridge Road is located within Rocky Mountain NP. It is the nation’s highest continuous road and provides abundant views of this spectacular park. Visitors who cannot explore the park by foot, bike or raft, and even those who can, will find distinct views of the park.

Understanding the rich history that led to this National Parks survival is another way to appreciate the stunning wilderness. Park visitation from travelers across the country first began to increase after World War II. This led to Mission 66, a nationwide program that required development and the implementation of management within parks. Later, Congress passed many environmental laws to protect and manage the natural and cultural resources of national parks, including Rocky Mountain. One-third of the park lies above treeline and the snow-covered peaks overlook pristine valleys, 150 glistening lakes, and 450 streams. The highest peak, is the only 14-er in the park, Long’s Peak. Not only does it tower higher above all other peaks, sitting at 14,225 feet, but also it is Colorado’s 15th highest peak. It is the most popular mountain to climb in the state.

Rocky Mountain National Park offers a stillness and excitement that cannot be matched. It’s proximity to Denver and Fort Collins provides even more opportunities to explore Colorado, each only within one hour drive from the park. Rocky Mountain National Park provides excitement, history and majestic scenery that can be appreciated by everyone.

“I can’t think of a better place than Rocky Mountain National Park for the entire family to hike and see alpine lakes, cascading waterfalls, breathtaking vistas, and wildlife.” (Fielders, J., Best of Colorado: 165 Scenic Places, 2002)