Mountain Whitewater Finds Success with New Booking Engine

Mountain Whitewater Finds Success with New Booking Engine

For the summer 2014 whitewater rafting season, Mountain Whitewater was in need of finding a new reservation platform. Our old system worked, but was outdated, not intuitive for users and did not provide the kind of support that we would like. There are a multitude of different reservation software platforms available for tour operators today, but not all work in a way that is convenient for both guests and staff. Our goal was to find a system that allowed our guests to book in an easier, more streamlined way that looked professional and kept feel or our website. After researching different platforms, we found Rezdy and could not be happier.

Booking your adventure on our website is now a breeze. There are less steps to go through for guests, whether booking online or over the phone with our professional staff, which means less time booking your experience and more time enjoying your vacation. Rezdy has also benefited the business by giving our staff more time to focus on providing great customer service that is expected by our guests because they spend less time clicking through screens in the booking software. Rezdy was easy to implement, is easy to use and provides very high quality support.

Thanks to Rezdy for building and maintaining such a useful booking tool. We are excited to provide a worry free way for our guests to book the experience of a lifetime. For more information check this link to our Rezdy case study.

Professional Office Staff at Mountain Whitewater

Office staff member, Lindsey, waits happily for guest check-in.