Raft Guide Training with Mountain Whitewater

Raft Guide Training with Mountain Whitewater

Whitewater raft guide training offers the chance to learn the skills needed to be a certified guide in the Sate of Coloradoand the chance to earn a job with the best rafting outfitter on the Cache La Poudre River.

by Ben Costello, January 2016

Guide Training at Mountain Whitewater

This year’s raft guide training will start on Monday, May 16, 2016. The first week of the course will consist of classroom style training at Mountain Whitewater in the mornings with on-river training in the afternoons. These classroom sessions will consist of a compilation of videos, slides, handouts and lecture.

The following weeks of the course consist of mostly on-river training. We will take two trips per day, seven days per week to complete the state mandated number of hours required to be a guide. There is a Swiftwater rescue training and a CPR and First Aid course during this period of guide training. We will be doing some intense training so that we can get you on the river as soon as possible.

Class Schedule for the 2016 Raft Guide Training Course

Trainee Takes the Final Exam during Guide Training

  • Monday, May 16th – Paperwork, Employee Handbook, Equipment & Gear Rigging
  • Tuesday, May 17th – River Currents, River Features, Paddle Commands, rating scales
  • Wednesday, May 18th – Running the Rapids, Safety, Safety Talk, River Hazards, Poudre Bloopers Video, Slammin’ Salmon Video
  • Thursday, May 19th – River Rescue, Emergency Procedures, Heads-Up Video, Rope Rescue
  • Friday, May 20th – Miscellaneous, Outdoor Impacts, How to be a Better Guide

Other Requirements

  • Colorado State law requires that guides have First Aid and CPR certifications. Classes are usually between $50 and $80.
  • The Mountain Whitewater Swiftwater Rescue class will also be a required part of guide training. The cost of the Swiftwater Rescue course is included in the training investment.
    Whitewater Raft Guide Training with Mountain Whitewater

  • The State of Colorado requires that you have 50 hours on river time before you can guide commercially.
  • Mountain Whitewater will require that you have 100+ hours.
  • We will have a Poudre rapids check-off sheet that will require all trainees to run all of the rapids of the Poudre Plunge at least 5 times.
  • Once complete, if deemed appropriate, there will be a check-off run, top to bottom, with customers and a trainer in the boat. If all goes well, you will now be part of the Mountain Whitewater team.

Training Investment

The cost for the course is $395 (half is returned after the second fulltime season working with Mountain Whitewater, half returned after the third fulltime season working with Mountain Whitewater).

This cost covers the classroom sessions, dry land sessions, equipment used during training (PFD, wetsuit, booties, splash jacket, and helmet), swiftwater rescue class and transportation to and from the Cache la Poudre River Canyon.

Being a river guide is a multidimensional job. It is physically and mentally demanding, days can be long with exposure to the elements. It is also very rewarding and tons of fun. We are looking for people who can fulfill those needs. Ask around…Mountain Whitewater has the best trained guides you will find. Call 970-419-0917 if interested or email contacts@raftmw.com.

Raft Guide Training on Cache La Poudre River
Guide Trainees Smash a Waive during Raft Guide Training
Trainees Having Fun During Raft Guide Training