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Loved it all peeps!

On a scale of 1 to 5… FIVE!!!

Please share with us what made your trip special or your favorite part of your experience at Mountain Whitewater:

*The personality of our guide, Ian!!! He SINGS too!

*LOVED the instruction given by Ray! EXCELLENTLY done with great blend of truth and humor.

*LOVED the sincerity and genuineness of the gal working behind the desk. Unfortunately it was a day or so after her bike accident and the black eye was still quite evident.

*LOVED the gal who showed us our pictures after our trip. Though she had had a car accident that very day, she was very personable with us.

DANG! Feeling blessed we didn’t have some kind of accident ourselves! LOVED IT ALL PEEPS! Continue on having fun but doing it with continual safety in mind.

Mark and Dianne B. June 26, 2010

I would choose Mountain Whitewater again!

Another satisfied guest…

Our raft picked up two hitch-hikers on the course of our trip. The swimmer from our group was in the water less than ten feet before he was secured. The woman from the other company we helped was stranded at the side of the river with no sign of the rafts from her company. It was pretty clear just seeing the different companies on the river that Mountain Whitewater was a higher quality trip with better safety. I never once felt nervous about my safety the whole trip. You guys say “our guides make the difference”, and I could really see that. They made a world of difference and I had a fantastic time. When comparing prices online your company cost slightly more than some of the competition, but it was well worth every penny for the difference in quality. I would choose Mountain Whitewater again.

Jessica H. June 19, 2010

Crazy Whitewater

Everyone was super stoked to be able to raft the river at 6 feet!

It was so cool to see the passion of our guides. Knowing that that day (Saturday the 12th, river level: 6.0) was so unique for them made the trip that much more special. Maybe it was just some water splashed on his face, but I swear our guide (Matt T) was tearing up out of joy of being on the river that day. Talking to the guides on the bus was really cool too.

Steve S. July 12, 2010

Cheers to you!

All’s good!

Please share with us what made your trip special or your favorite part of your experience at Mountain Whitewater:

Bryan was a little apprehensive when we arrived with 3 pretty young rafters, but he was clear about what we needed to do to have the most fun and when he saw we did a good job paddling per his directions, he really lead us through the rapids in a great path- we got good and soaked and had an absolutely great time! At one point I managed to lose my foothold and ended up in the river for a short swim, but Bryan really came through and had me back in the safety of the raft within seconds. He was all business when he needed to be and when it was clear I was alright, we were back to the fun times in moments. Really, Bryan was the perfect guide for us and we really appreciated it. We all had an absolute blast, we saw a bear in a tree (which was really cool and as I understand it rare), we knew we were safe on the river and we’ll be back!

The Amazing Guide, Drew

From the Greenlees

Please share with us what made your trip special or your favorite part of your experience at Mountain Whitewater:

The amazing guide, Drew… I think he loved the trip experience as much as we did. Aww… to be young again. Thank you so much and give Drew a big Thank You again from the Greenlees. We will be back!

Clean the Poudre 2010 a HUGE success!

Everyone loves a clean river!

Big thanks to all our sponsors and all those who helped with the Poudre River Clean Up on May 2010. 120 volunteers showed up to clean along the banks of the Cache la Poudre River. We filled one 95-gallon recycling bin and one 3-yard trash dumpster to the brim!

Group Photo of River Cleanup Participants in 2010

Everything was outstanding!

Another happy guest comment…

Please share with us what made your trip special or your favorite part of your experience at Mountain Whitewater:

*The staff… enthusiastic, professional to the hilt.

*Equipment… world class.

*Our guide Brad- the experience would have been something less without him.

No negatives- top notch experience!

Jay D. July 6, 2010

Mountain Whitewater is giving Their Soles to Countries in Need

MWD starts a new partnership with One World Running.

For Mountain Whitewater, sustainability and environmental stewardship is at the core of the business. Day after day we find shoes left in our parking lot, which makes us feel the need to do something about this problem. “Throughout the season, many lightly used sneakers are left without a home. It is good to know that by working with One World Running we now have an outlet to get these shoes to people who need them. And, who knows, by donating these shoes we may be opening new opportunities and encouraging a shared love of working in the outdoors,” says Ben Costello, Director of Fun at Mountain Whitewater.

A MWD Guest Donates a Shoe

Shoes left behind by rafting guests or dropped off in collection bins will be donated to One World Running. Anyone can donate! Donate lightly used shoes at any location with One World Running collection bins, such as Mountain Whitewater. Other local stores include Boulder Running Company, SolePepper Sports, Bolder Boulder, and many others around the country. For more information on One World Running or Mountain Whitewater visit or

Cache la Poudre HIGH WATER 2010

In June 2010, the Poudre River has had some of the highest flows in decades!

Here are some photos of our high water trips so far this season…

High Water on the Cache la Poudre River

High water flows surround a tree that is usually high and dry on the Poudre River.

Pine View Guage Rock @ 6ft.

What do we do once we can't see the 6ft. line anymore?

High Water Pine View

Where is the Tooth Rock?

Big Hole @ Pine View

Big hole in Pine View Falls