Go Rafting with Mountain Whitewater in 2018 | TripAdvisor Reviews

Go Rafting with Mountain Whitewater in 2018 | TripAdvisor Reviews


by Ben Costello, February 2018

2018 is going to be a great year to go rafting on the Cache La Poudre River with Mountain Whitewater. Don’t take our word for it, check out our great, independent reviews on tripadvisor. We think we are the best company on the Poudre River and so do 1,100+ others who posted Moutain Whitewater reviews on trip advisor after rafting with us.

Best trip Ever!!!

This was such an amazing experience!!! I highly recommend this company. It is completely evident they love what they do! They offer wetsuits, fleece, splash guards, gloves and booties to keep you warm! The guides are so fabulous! They are knowledgeable, fun and funny! Ben was awesome and even though I was nervous, he put me at ease. I was so impressed with the precision of the entire company. These people know what they are doing. They have safety boaters to be prepared for anyone who may end up in the river, rope throwers who are following on rivers edge. Photographers capturing the adventure! They have thought of everything!!! They are prepared for everything, so you can truly take in the epic experience of being on the great Cache la Poudre River! We had such a blast!!!

– Brandi B. from Fort Collins on 5/30/17

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Book this trip!

We did the half day Poudre Plunge about 10 days ago. From the minute we arrived, I was impressed with this business. Extremely friendly staff, everyone went out of their way to make this a great day for all of us. The rafting was incredible! The water was high and fast, so we had the time of our life!! Our guide, Jed, was the best. He was encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and ensured we all had fun.
The most impressive thing about Mountain Whitewater Descents is their concern for customer safety. Mandatory wetsuits, an extra guide in a kayak and the bus driver on shore with safety ropes are a few of the extra precautions these guys take.
GO for the fun… book with them for the SAFETY.

– Buzz48 from Illinois on 6/11/17

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Six months ago when my family was planning our annual trip to Estes Park my father and sister asked if I was interested in Whitewater rafting and recommended MWD. They have been rafting multiple times with MWD and have had great experiences. We did the 12:15 Plunge trip on July 20th. From the moment we parked, we were greeted by a crew member cleaning gear and directed us in the right direction. We had already filled out waivers online which was a HUGE convince and were greeted/checked in with ease. Tracey came over and asked if we needed anything while we waited for the other groups to check in. She was extremely nice and set the mood for what was to be an EPIC day. Having worked as a Scuba instructor and ocean guide I know how safety briefings can either pull guest in more or bore them to where the information doesn’t soak in. Tracey guided us through the ins and outs of our trip and communitcated (sic) in a very relatable and clear way. It was not only informative but got me wicked stoaked (sic) to hit the water. After getting our gear (which was clean and dry) we loaded up on the bus to head to the water. On the bus Ian sat next to me and we had a blast exchanging adventure stories from our past. The process from checking in to actually getting in the raft was very organized and the whole crew demonstrated professinalism (sic) and a great deal of enthuasiam (sic) which seemed to help rally the not so sure members of in the group. We met Josh who was to be our guide down the river. He was a blast from the start. He asked our group if we were up for some fun (taking more challenging routes) which all of us in the group were stoaked (sic) for. Once under way Josh tweaked a few small things here and there and got us all paddeling (sic) together and laughinng (sic) in no time. I have surfed, skied, snow boarded, and paddle boarded all over the world so my bar for adventure is set pretty high. I’ll just say that with Josh as our guide I was hooked after the first set of rapids. I also really enjoyed the slower moments when he played tour guide and told us about interesting land marks and nature stuff. Throughout the trip (sic) the laughs and excitement continued. Something I really enjoyed is seeing how the guides teased each other and had a good time along with the guest. It builds confidence in guest (sic) when they see the person guiding them through class 4 rapids is comfortable and having good time as well. The one time people from another raft “took a swim” Josh and the other guides immediately got the guest back onto rafts and kept control of the situation in a very calm manner. After our legendary trip down the Poudre we all loaded up on the bus for the short ride back. We were given clear direction on where to put our gear and how to see our photos and invited to check out the Pub for a refreshing beverage. The whole crew joined us in the Pub where we got to mingle and talk story. I pretty much decided that MWD is the next company I want to work for after talking to Tracey and Josh. My overall experiance (sic) outstanding and I took all the fliers I could to put in our family cabin we sometimes rent out. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to have a safe, amazing, whitewater rafting experiance (sic). I will be back for sure the next opportunity I get.

– Jeremy H. from Kansas City on 7/21/17

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This was my families FAVORITE thing we did on vacation. A year before we went on another rafting trip, but this was a far better experience. We will return again and again on future vacations. The staff is EXCEPTIONAL!!! You won’t be disappointed with any guide you are assigned. What a special group of people. Great place to hang out after the rafting trip. The family memories we created that day will stay with us a lifetime.
This is a very well run business. You can tell they care about your experience. You can tell the staff treat each other like family and welcome others in. Every interaction from checking in, getting our gear, rafting, the ride back, the owner, the bartender, our personal guide (special shout out to Nate) well exceeded any expectation I had for the day.
You don’t want to miss this opportunity. They are uniquely special people.

– Tammy L. from San Diego on 8/8/2017

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