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Why we paddle…

“Upstream, winter seemed immovable and eternal. Unbroken ice stretched northward; solid, silent, enduring. downstream, spring beckoned with motion, music and change. We turned our boats toward spring, chasing winter downstream.”– S.L. Reinke

“There is something you get out of paddling that you can’t get in any other sport. It’s finding the happy balance with an always changing force of nature, and it makes you feel very small yet powerful at the same time.” -Shannon Carroll

“Rivers have a way of enchanting us, of somehow prying into a nebulous pleasure center in our souls. I think it is a matter, largely, of earning the right to be enchanted. We care most deeply about rivers when we have invested a great deal of effort in working on them or have spent much time canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, exploring, or observing them. As in any love affair, you get back only as much as you put in.” -Jerry Dennis

“Looking into a lake, an ocean, or a river is like looking into the night sky. Both water and sky are filled with mysteries, and when we stare deeply into them we connect with every man and woman who has ever sensed the tugging vitality of the universe” – Jerry Dennis

“No matter how good you are, and no matter how well you know a river, the river is always in control. All we can do is play as safely and responsibly as possible with the awesome and humbling power of whitewater.” -Ken Whiting