Mountain Whitewater’ Guest Testimonials!

Mountain Whitewater’ Guest Testimonials!

Thanks to all of our customers for another wonderful summer on the Cache la Poudre River! Here’s what our guests had to say about us this season:

“This was my first time to whitewater raft and I felt very safe with the professionalism of our guide and the company in general. It was a great and exciting experience and I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family, as well as be a repeat customer in the future.”

“Your team was very professional and courteous…after the first wall of water flew over us we were ready for more, and did not want the trip to end. And the pics and video at the end had some great laughs. Thanks for putting one more check on the bucket list…”

“Bryan quickly got to know us and made us feel confident about our abilities and made us a part of the journey.”

“Ben, our guide…he did a fabulous job! He definitely made our rafting experience more interesting and kept us entertained!”

“The river was awesome at 4.9 and Melissa was awe-inspiring in her technical and interpersonal skills.”

“Kevin was an excellent guide. His calm, friendly, and confident personality along with his encouragement allowed the first-timers in our raft to have a positive first experience and left us wanting to come back for more. Overall, each of us had an incredible trip & look forward to coming back next summer!”

“I’m glad that Mountain Whitewater’ guides were competent to take us through some more aggressive rapids and a longer stretch of river, letting us have a unique interaction with one of the Front Range’s most incredible features.”

“Tracey was a fabulous guide!!!!!!”

“Andrew and Mattie were incredible guides! Plus we enjoyed having a beer at your Paddlers Pub post-trip.”

“Drew was awesome. He made the experience. We have used other companies on other rivers. The guides can make or break the experience. This is why we keep coming back to MWD.”

“We really enjoyed the whole place. We thought it was great that you guys had a pub, a hot tub, fire pit, and sand volleyball.”

“Jordan was an excellent guide. We had total confidence in her. It was our first time rafting and she made it very enjoyable.”

“Cass made it so much fun, and she did an awesome job making sure we were informed about the rapids so that we would stay safe. It was an absolute blast!”

“Even though I (mom) couldn’t raft with my kids because of a recent surgery, Micah allowed us to drive behind him and photograph my boys on the river in all the “good” spots. In every single instance, both of my boys had ENORMOUS grins and were obviously having the time of their life. So, even though I wasn’t actually on the river, I really got to be involved…you REALLY made the difference for us.”

“The people you employ here were glad to be helpful and confidently pleasant. People really do make the place/experience. Light-hearted and great at their jobs. You guys were great.”